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Today's QT reflection (Exodus 32:1-14)

a) Impatience leads to idolatry (v. 1)

b) Religion of fallen humanity is not atheism but idolatry (vv.2-4)

c) Idolatry is not only worshiping an idol or image of false god but it is worshiping true God in a wrong way (vv. 5-6)

d) Aaron, the high priest, was under pressure. He was influenced by people pleasing attitude. People pleasing attitude, especially under pressure situations, is one of the most dangerous and severe diseases in leadership.

e) Lord's anger was burnt against idolatry and people.

f) Moses interceded to God for people on affirming the promises of God and His great redemption.


a) Our Lord promised that He would come soon. We see that there is delay from human perspective in His coming. We should not loose heart but patiently wait upon the Lord.

b) Human beings are perpetual factory of idols (John Calvin). I must examine myself daily in the light of the Scripture to evaluate myself. The most dangerous idol, which I am fighting against, is myself- old sinful corrupt nature which I have to crucify everyday.

c) Leadership is not people-centered but God- centered. It is carrying God's agenda not my own agenda. It is a challenge for me that in future in Pakistan, as a minister of the Lord, I should not compromise of the Word of God at any cost.

d) Lord Jesus Christ, as our High Priest, intercedes before the Father on our behalf. I must always be thankful and praise Lord Christ for His priestly ministry. I must also intercede for my family, church in Korea and Pakistan, and my friends. This is one of the prime responsibilities as a child of God. It is imitating Christ.

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