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[찬양] The Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference - Gaither Vocal Band

지난 주일 2부예배때 함께 불렀던 찬양 '험한 십자가 능력있네' 입니다.

Gaither Vocal Band는 지난 수십년간 함께 찬양해온 팀으로

전심으로 찬양하는 모습이 늘 감동이 됩니다.

이들처럼 예수님을 향한 사랑과 감격을 함께 나누며 걸어갈

공동체를 주신 하나님께 감사드립니다 !


'Twas a life filled with aimless desperation

Without hope walked the shell of a man;

Then a hand with a nailprint stretched downward,

Just one touch then a new life began.

And the old rugged cross made the difference

In a life bound for heartache and defeat;

I will praise Him forever and ever

For the cross made the difference for me.

Barren walls echoed harshness and anger

Little feet ran in terror to hide;

But, now those walls ring with love, warmth and laughter,

Since the giver of life moved inside.

There's a room filled with sad, ashen faces

Without hope death has wrapped them in gloom;

But at the side of a saint there's rejoicing,

For life can't be sealed in a tomb.

Yes, the cross made the difference for me.

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